L’oven Baked Goods is a venture born of L.A.-based pastry chef Mona Zavosh's passion for baking. It began in her 35-sq-ft galley at home, and has grown into a professional kitchen in Culver City.

Using organic ingredients and unexpected flavor combinations, Mona creates delectable desserts that delight the senses as well as the soul. Each bite is an adventure for the tongue that evokes both a sense of surprise and a feeling of comfort.

Raised in a multicultural family and exposed from an early age to aromas, tastes and textures from around the globe, Mona brings her personal creative touch and attention to detail to each of the unique desserts offered by L’oven Baked Goods.  These handmade treats are designed to turn every day into a celebration, and make every occasion just a little more special. Using only the finest organic ingredients, Mona ensures that her delectable treats meet the highest standard of food karma:-) (organic, all natural, no preservatives, no shortening, no food coloring, no corn syrup, etc.).

“When I was a little girl, I used to spend hours in the kitchen watching my great-aunt bake. Auntie Emma was my inspiration: always whipping together a few ingredients, popping it in the oven, and after a few minutes – like magic – popping out something totally new and incredibly tantalizing. I wanted to be her!!”

“My first attempt at a baking ‘business’ was at the age of thirteen: my best friend and I made brownies (from the box - yikes!) and sold them door-to-door around the neighborhood. It was that euphoric experience that has led to the creation of L'oven Baked Goods.”

“As I grew older and traveled the world, I was always on the lookout for interesting and unusual foods – especially the sweet kind. And every time I did find something, I would always end up trying to figure out the recipe… and maybe even take it to the next level!”

“After graduating college, I knew I wanted to devote my life to something that made people happy - while making myself happy as well. It was a no-brainer: it had to be desserts. There’s always an energy of joy around dessert: whether it’s a fun conversation,  a sense of shared abundance and bliss, or the pure satisfaction that comes from biting into something rich and sweet. My mission is to cultivate this energy…and spread the joy to all who love dessert!”




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